Resources for Allies

Sex Work 101

Black Sex Workers’ Lives Matter (link)

RUJ Know Your Rights (ppt)

Sex Work and Harm Reduction (pdf)
This pdf mentions some laws that are specific to Illinois. For laws affecting consensual sex workers or trafficking victims in Wisconsin, please refer to the RUJ KYR ppt.

Sex Work Is Work (pdf)

Sex Work/er 101 (link)

Trafficking in Lies (link)

Understanding Sex Work (pdf)

How to be a Better Ally

Being an Ally to Sex Workers (link)

Death of the Sex Worker – A RUJ Presentation (pdf)

For Partners of Sex Workers (pdf)

Thoughts on Being a Good Ally (link)

Abuse Tactics That Affect Sex Workers (link)

Myths about Sex Work

Myths about the Sex Industry (link)

Myths vs Realities (pdf)

Three Myths about Sex Work (link)

End Demand/The Nordic Model

Swedish Study of the Nordic Model (pdf)

Impacts of MKE Loitering-Soliciting Ordinance (ppt)




SESTA-FOSTA presentation (pdf)

What is SESTA-FOSTA? (link)

Why Sex Workers Need Online Spaces (pdf)