Violence Against and Trafficking of Sex Workers Will Increase If New Ordinance Takes Effect. Contact the Milwaukee Public Safety and Health Committee to Voice Your Opposition!

WHEN: Ongoing

WHAT: Red Umbrella Justice (RUJ) is asking the public to call and email the Milwaukee Public Safety and Health Committee who recently passed an ordinance for Loitering and Soliciting Sex Workers. This ordinance will result in increased risk of violence, arrest, and trafficking of sex workers. For more information, see our press release published by Urban Milwaukee.

Sample Script – “Hi, my name is __(whatever name you’re comfortable using). I am calling/writing to you because I have heard that the Common Council recently passed an ordinance to increase penalties for the solicitation of sex workers and publicly shame those clients. This ordinance will result in sex workers being at increased risk of violence, arrest, trafficking, and death as clients will still try to seek them out, but will force the sex workers into riskier situations to try to avoid the new increased penalties. I ask that you please reconsider your decision to pass this ordinance and that going forward you please directly include Milwaukee sex workers and sex workers rights groups, such as Red Umbrella Justice, on how best to change legislation to help sex workers.”

Feel free to change or add to the script if you have a personal story you’d like to share.

WHO: Members of the Public Safety and Health Committee – Robert Donovan, Mark Borkowski, Jose Perez, Terry Witkowski, and Russell Stamper

Jose Perez – (414-286-2861, office phone)

Russell Stamper – (414-286-2221, office phone)

Terry Witkowski – (414-286-8537, office phone; 414-286-2150, after hours phone (shared phone);
414-731-0472, home phone)

Robert Donovan – (414-286-3533, office phone)

Mark Borkowski – (414-286-3768 office phone, 414-541-2067 home phone)

RUJ Logo
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