Chrystul Kizer is an 18 year old black teen who is currently facing life in prison for defending herself against the man who abused her as a trafficking victim. Even though she was underage, the Kenosha DA (Michael Graveley) recently told an activist that the charges against Chrystul are justified since she was “hired as a prostitute at the time”. (In Wisconsin minors can be arrested and prosecuted for “prostitution”).

The man Chrystul protected herself against not only harmed her, but other girls as well. You can read more about it below. (CW for sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and cp).

Please support Chrystul in any way you can. By sending her letters of support, donating to her gofundme to help pay legal fees, or calling and emailing the DA requesting he drop all charges against her and let her return home to Milwaukee.

DA of Kenosha, Michael Graveley

Photo of black teen with side ponytail. Photo is on light blue background. Underneath the photo there is text that says "Chrystul Kizer, 18, is facing life in prison for surviving violence. Join us in sending her some love and support at:" Underneath this is an address that reads "Chrystul Kizer #675639. Taycheedah Correctional Institution. P.O Box 3100. Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin 54936-3100".